Website promotion should be like Transformers do

      "Transformers" went to the cinema this evening, although not to watch the premiere, but people are still full of visible marketing work is how in place. Judging from the details of the movie, it’s really amazing. To do the market work, like Transformers.


      1 good ideas are the foundation of success


      "Transformers" was popular in several generations of the classic animation, the hands of a child holding a Transformers, playing to play, how many people crazy. "Transformers" is like a man’s childhood pronoun. This is also the basis of the success of the film, emotional card juvenile feelings inside, because the name of the movie, I think there are a lot of people come to watch. Choose a good idea into the market, it means a part of success.


      2 excellent team


      Spielberg’s production level and Michael · Berlusconi’s directing skill there is no doubt that the production team of Hollywood’s top film technology, ensure that the level and quality of film. Only good ideas in the market is not enough, only the excellent team, to be able to convert outstanding ideas into excellent products, and generate value in the market.


      3 hungry hunger

      the film was released from the shooting, it attracted a lot of media attention, both the film footage, or director, actors have attracted media entertainment every act and every move, sought to make advertising into news, is the best means of public relations. Tempt the appetite, rest as the designated date, release.



4 marketing campaign


      this needless to say, in the release of the film in the days before the deluge of advertising, a variety of media marketing, the film is almost known Wurenbuxiao degree.

      5 integrated marketing


      people who have seen the film know that 5 minutes before the start of the 80% ad is "Transformers" version, especially snow >

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