Outsourcing in the growth of entrepreneurial firms

in an article on the VentureBeat, how the growth of start-up companies through the task outsourcing, thereby improving product development and reduce the risk of expansion of enterprise personnel, an interesting interpretation. In particular, the need to avoid risks, to provide you with five recommendations. (translator)

a few months ago, there was a telephone conversation with the boss of a SEO agent. She wants to find someone to help her users build up the chain. I immediately told her that there are a number of overseas companies and individuals to provide such services. Through a number of online outsourcing platform can successfully find. Her response was a shock, "it’s crazy to outsource overseas," but our world today is going on, every day and every night. Through this stage outsourcing, outsourcing companies, not only quickly into the development of new products, and these provide outsourcing services team is likely to have higher professional than hiring employees.

of course, in the process of outsourcing, there are a few things worth noting that the entrepreneurial team is concerned about and avoid.

error 1: pack the task that should not be outsourced

don’t just pursue the cost advantages of outsourcing, such as enterprise core technology, need more creativity and experience (Translator: not at all), key customer related information, this kind of work should be conducted within the team.

so what jobs are outsourced?

· online promotion (similar to SEO, social media promotion this kind of work)

· research and development of non core products and functions

· software development

· art design

· data entry

error two: there is no ability to verify the ability of the parties to cooperate hastily

as a business enterprise of CEO, not what than frequently training a new external cooperation, and the author as soon as the next day devoid of such things more difficult. So, before starting a formal job, you can give challenging tasks as a test, of course, this task is to be targeted. For example, I had asked an outsourcing partner, in the beginning of the formal work, set up a WordPress blog, and requires UI to be beautiful, the operation can be a simple article published. Because of the subsequent tasks associated with this, so the cooperation is very smooth, and maintained for a long time.

error three: only pay attention to technology and ignore communication ability

this is a very common mistake. A lot of people just look at a resume or a description of the company’s skills, but did not examine the ability to communicate

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