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recently, with Dong Mingzhu and Liu Qiangdong for commercials aired on CCTV, the cartoon image of the Oriental TV primetime, triggered a circle hot. The commercials with popular Meng Meng Da comes with the topic attribute Dong Mingzhu and Liu Qiangdong two people for the first time to appear on the screen. In addition, as the home appliance giant GREE electric, Jingdong and business tycoon behind a sister and a brother, this time to the information revealed also extraordinary upcoming double 12, Lenovo again Shopping Festival, behind this information revealed something more interesting.

this cartoon image of two people to produce advertising films, with the original soundtrack of the two people, the words of cooperation in advertising has been very clear. "Without the Internet, you will be dim." "There is no advanced manufacturing industry, you are the castles in the air." "That we work together, let the world fall in love with China made!" with partners in such a high-profile debut at the helm of advertising is not the first time Dong Mingzhu, the last time in 2014 with Wang Jianlin on CCTV, soon after GREE announced Wanda electrical contracting entire pond. This time with Liu Qiangdong in CCTV, will give birth to a what kind of cooperation? Also has always attached great importance to the channels of GREE is to change the strategy for Jingdong? With these questions we never see to play by the rules of Dong Mingzhu to move in the end what is.

Behind the

woman Dong Mingzhu Liu Qiangdong valued Jingdong

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the woman in Liu Qiangdong the most reasonable explanation is that in order to boost GREE’s sales, according to 2015 data show that the first three quarters, GREE’s operating income is affected by the weak market, air conditioning and other factors and the decline in inventory digestion. This forced Dong Mingzhu had to take the initiative to embrace the Internet, the use of online channels to open a new situation for GREE. The competition of beauty as an example, since the cooperation with millet, have improved in the brand influence and sales, the first three quarters of this year the adverse economic growth, will undoubtedly stimulate Dong Mingzhu.

at present, the 12 can be said to be the last year to enhance the performance of the node, if you do not grasp the good GREE this year, the figure will not look good. Dong Mingzhu hand Liu Qiangdong I think the first value is the Jingdong in the 3C appliance category market accounted for 11, double Dong Mingzhu during the frequent visits of the Jingdong and the final choice of Liu Qiangdong Ali, shooting advertising seems to be open Pianfang meaning in the CCTV building. In August, the Ministry of industry and information technology display data analysis China appliances online shopping report "released the 2015 year Chinese Electronic Information Industry Development Institute", the first half of this year the Jingdong with 60% market share from Tmall,, way ahead of the United States online competition to occupy half of the country in hand, online shopping market of home appliances. October iResearch released data show that Jingdong 3C category B2C market share of 59.2%, ranking first, while Tmall accounted for $27.1%. Faced with the end of the year data, Dong Mingzhu chose Jingdong meaning is no longer obvious.

in addition, Dong Mingzhu chose another layer of Jingdong I think mainly because of brand considerations, the first Jingdong

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