A simple web page can not improve sales

Jacob Nielson reports that today’s Internet users are becoming more and more impatient when shopping online. People will no longer go to the home page of the site or by category to find the contents of this product and user evaluation, but mainly through the rapid Google search. If the user can’t find what they want, they will leave.

has a profile page that allows users to quickly find what they want is very important, especially when you are selling goods. If your web page is filled with useless articles, gadgets, and unrelated items, the page becomes meaningless. However, it has become a common practice to make web pages more complex, and e-commerce sites have adopted a "scattering" approach designed to provide as many options as possible to all potential buyers. Each web page no longer makes it only a commodity, but is filled with a lot of irrelevant information, advertising and related goods.

many Internet companies forget the main principles of this e-commerce site: online shoppers want to minimize trouble. Relative to stay in the car to go to the store to buy DVD, just click on the Amazon site to a few more simple. Consumers even want to wait longer and spend more money as long as their shopping experience is simple and fast.

but in Chinese net, you will find: there is a website to pull over with this point. Whether it is a successful Jingdong, Dangdang, or the failure of the site, they all want to put more related products and links on the page. Allow users to choose more. It seems that everything is ready for search engine optimization. Rather than user. What are the differences between foreign and domestic


I think, not in sales, but in the brand and traffic. The biggest problem for China is that there are not many people on the internet. There are a lot of people, they search the Internet products, not in the network can find a low favorite, but to learn more about the content of these products, select the most suitable products. And then go to the store to buy. In response to this phenomenon, many sites will have a policy, there are countermeasures to increase the choice of users in more blank areas. Because in China this immature Internet market, the network is the most profitable and sales, but advertising. Rely on traffic to attract brand advertising.

In order to attract more

and search engine in stomach and let users feel disgusted, many sites are full of weird. Look at the following example:

aofei Zhuang Cagliari pull senior red, also introduced wine shows you how cooking


Twilight tie-in (Twilight – Movie Version) this probably want to do the optimization of the English SEO bar


Diamond Park 30 minutes VS bare drilling (18K gold ring support, with the national inspection certificate) this is good, in the following products hit the Jewelry Institute, so the optimization method, Jingdong should not need to bid >

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