Darunfa Chairman Flying Cow net loss of 175 million is not a problem

on-line flying cow network this business platform, leading enterprises in the domestic retail Darunfa "stubborn running". RT parent Gao Xin retail days ago released 2015 annual financial results announcement, Gao Xin last year, retail sales 96 billion 414 million yuan, an increase of 5%, net profit attributable to shareholders of 2 billion 443 million yuan, representing an annual reduction of 456 million yuan, down 15.7%, ending eight years of continuous growth momentum of the company. In recent years, for the first time in response to the decline in performance, Darunfa Chinese chairman, flying cow network CEO Huang Mingduan told the Beijing Business Daily reporter interviewed last year, business losses of 175 million yuan is not a problem.

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Beijing Business Daily: since 2013 electricity supplier continued losses, last year, the situation is in line with expectations?

Huang Mingduan: economic growth continued to slow, especially in the context of the company is still vigorously developing electricity supplier, we can achieve 5% of the growth rate is higher than peers, shareholders are satisfied. On the basis of the financial statements, the company net profit attributable to shareholders last year fell 15.7%, which stores induced decline in net profit ratio is 8.5%, the electricity supplier business accounted for 7.2%, a loss of about 175 million yuan, at the same time, the flying cow network users exceeded 9 million 900 thousand last year, GMV (turnover) has exceeded 1 billion yuan, the overall development in line with company expectations.


Beijing Business Daily: Flying Cow network continued losses to Gao Xin retail dragging hind legs

Huang Mingduan: I do not think that the loss of the bull net is dragging the company’s hind legs, on the contrary, I am very pleased to see the company’s development of the electricity supplier business to improve the overall performance, the loss is still within the acceptable range. This issue from an investment perspective, the development of the flying cow network is an investment in the future will become the growth momentum of the company business, the flying cow network is the most valuable platform for about 3000000 active users, active users of the Internet industry in accordance with the value of about 1000-3000 yuan / person, flying cow net valuation has reached 3 billion -90 billion yuan.

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Beijing Daily: compared to the business development of online cooperation with Wumart, Yonghui and business enterprise, Darunfa electricity supplier why insist on self


Huang Mingduan: cooperation is not right or wrong, but a choice of enterprises. Physical stores and electricity providers have to subvert each other". Development so far, the case of electricity supplier and physical retail cooperation continues to increase, we are very aware of the value of physical stores exist. With the future of business electricity supplier sales accounted for the increasing development of online retail business entities is the trend, but we choose different ways of retail business development themselves online business enterprise inevitably restricted by the future.

Beijing Daily:

retail electricity supplier there are too many successful cases, Darunfa why insist on


Huang Mingduan: from the current situation, the domestic physical retail electricity supplier

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