How do the traditional enterprises make great value marketing

with the influx of a large number of traditional companies into the Internet, the competition is particularly fierce in various industries, the flow of less and less money to spend more and more expensive traffic. Faced with this situation, how can the traditional enterprises find their rational way to embrace the Internet? Ghost would like to introduce a seldom mentioned marketing – marketing news. Just imagine, if you can get with money to venture bidding Sina, Sohu, etc. these big portals to your business do an interview with a few period, whether it is to enhance the visibility of products or sales effect will be much better.

news marketing through the form and technique of news, multi angle, multi-level interpretation of corporate culture, brand connotation, product mechanism, the dissemination of industry consulting, leading consumer fashion, guide the purchase decision. This model is very helpful to guide the consumer market, in a relatively short period of time quickly enhance the visibility of products, brand reputation and credibility.


news marketing has five advantages:

hidden: because the news marketing is packed to the form of news, so the ordinary consumer it is difficult to see behind the real purpose of advertising, they not only offensive, it will take the initiative to receive this information.

authority: This is one of the important characteristics of the media itself, and the enterprise through the way of news publicity, you can use this feature of the media to increase the persuasiveness of enterprises and products.

objectivity: news is generally stand in the perspective of the third party reports and analysis, its objectivity is beyond doubt, and through the news means to do promotion, users will think that its content is objective and credible.

communication: the media are the best tools platform, especially with the help of the Internet, this advantage is further magnified, often with friends can see Baidu search, drop-down box the hottest word is often reported in the media event.

chain effect: if the news planning is good, but also lead to a series of chain reactions, most of the marketing events are caused by news events. In addition, word of mouth marketing, viral marketing, etc., need the support of the news.

is actually a lot of business owners and also to see the importance of news marketing, but the lack of news organization marketing staff, marketing news and not just to the effect, some means of operation and the details will need someone from the global to grasp, to avoid side free we do not want to see.

news marketing how to do:

clear goal: money is not the purpose of making news business, it is important to achieve the purpose behind the news. Therefore, before the news marketing, we must clear objectives, all the news should be around the target to plan, the goal of the news planning of the enterprise has no meaning.

must choose the mass media: as far as possible the choice of mass media, or Select >

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