Dangdang made gimmicks to engage in promotional books have been questioned or exacerbate losses

Beijing, March 13, (IT channel Pan Da) recently, dangdang.com announced in 2012 fourth quarter, dangdang.com fourth quarter revenue of about 1 billion 615 million yuan, an increase of 31%; net loss of 122 million 100 thousand yuan, narrowed 6%, and has been a loss for two consecutive years dangdang.com.

industry analysts believe that Dangdang is an important reason for the loss of the proportion of the cost of revenue is too high, the highest reached 90%. Dangdang.com executives also said that last year the general and administrative expenses has actually increased, mainly because some 2012 produced an increase in labor costs and customer service service, the rise is the biggest technical personnel costs, an increase of 120%.

, however, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing has expressed a different view, he said: because of the loss is a large listed company, very transparent. From the information I have collected from competitors, Dangdang to achieve the cost of growth is minimal."

department store business super book

earnings report, Dangdang book market accounted for nearly 50% of the book electricity supplier market position. Although Dangdang books after the market close the ceiling, growth has not now than in previous years, the growth rate of only 30%, but Dangdang clothing, mother and other merchandise category turnover growth of 169% A new force suddenly rises., platform, at the same time, the rapid expansion of the category of books.

due to Dangdang Q4 department store (plus the platform) the total transaction volume growth of 95% year on year, making Dangdang Q4 department store (plus platform) total turnover of more than $1 billion 150 million to book more than $930 million. This is the first time Dangdang department stores accounted for more than books.

big action thunder heavy rain little

shortly after the release of earnings, Dangdang official release of a lot of people hanging up the appetite of micro-blog – March 12th, Dangdang will be a major event, please pay attention."

people have speculated in the past two years of losses, as well as the slowdown in the context of the fact that Dangdang will make what kind of big move. While most analysts point to two directions: first, the launch of a new round of price war, and secondly, large-scale internal adjustment or external financing.


, chief analyst at Analysys International Li Zhi believes that the possibility of dangdang.com made little promotional gimmick. E-commerce analyst Lu Zhenwang also said that in addition to financing, the possibility of re integration of resources Dangdang is also great.

but in March 12th, all this speculation was broken. Dangdang announced the launch of the largest promotional activities in 2013, from March 12th to the year 200 thousand, the top of the top 400 thousand books, the top of the top 200 thousand kinds of books, science and technology books, the audience of the top 25% off cap of 40 percent off kinds of 50 percent off.

Dangdang launched a book promotion, which has been in the industry for Dangdang >

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