Taobao introduced the most stringent rules for vest shop Shop tragedy

IT home news June 13th news, Taobao today issued Vegetable & Fruit fresh categories "the most stringent ticket, 40 cherry sellers because of the quality of complaints by closing punishment. At the same time, the platform also introduced a rule known as the history of the most stringent, strictly closed shop to change the vest to shop behavior. It is reported that the rules have been tried in Cherry category, after the official commencement will be in full implementation of Taobao.


it is understood that the Alibaba based on the big data "associated with the account identification technology" for the first time in the Taobao store link to use: for the closed shop because of inferior, fake or fraud and other serious violations of the seller, not only I never again set up shop, but also through big data to identify its use of another person’s identity registration or actual control the account will not be able to shop. The history of the most stringent rules on Taobao shop "last window vest store closed.

it is reported that, after years of development, Alibaba has established a set of data rich vest recognition technology, in this set of recognition technology, the relationship between layers of accounts and accounts of the strength can be accurately quantified and then algorithm, play a huge role in the fight against fake and shoddy, black ash production etc..

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