Do a B2C site with its own characteristics

                  a few days ago were released "how to build the evergreen tree" in shopping website "and" coping strategies for search engine adjustment algorithm, by many webmaster friends to support. Today, I put my new ideas and experience and experience to write to communicate with you. If there is not the right side, but also hope that the majority of friends correct, we progress together.

can be said that in the world today, no one does not want to be a boss, including me. Is there a saying that is familiar with the phrase, "do not want to be a general’s soldiers, it is not a good soldier," in other words, it. Say do not want to be the boss, it is certainly not good". But for a word, if the boss is so easily when it, then we come in, encounter is not the boss? Haha, we don’t Chinese became boss of the country. (a pile of crap, turn to the question).

today, I would like to say is to do a unique feature of their own B2C site, it can be said that now B2C sites on the Internet are. Baidu and GOOGLE search will know. For example, Taobao, ah, pat and so on these famous shopping website did not say, like every guest like website. Also have their own characteristics.

Taobao, born early. We can say is thick ah. Backed by Alibaba, this is his own characteristic. Pat, birth time is too early, there are in support of Tencent qq. This is his characteristic. Yes, this is relatively late start, but what is it, people have the world’s largest Chinese search engine – Baidu support. Sooner or later, there will be a lot of work. Where the customer, the clothes will be as long as the Internet website, I think friends all know, where advertising is the most comprehensive. NetEase, Tencent, Sina, thunder and so on can see their ads.

Oh these are well-known, some website resources very thick. For those of us not the real situation, and not well-known B2C site so how to survive in today’s Internet? I think the only way is to start his own website B2C".

I take my watch network as an example, how to do have their own characteristics?

a, others we have to do

someone else we have to do, not to say their products, but rather that their details. For example, product pictures, product introduction, and so on the details of things, we have to do better than them. It is our products are the same, then we will only serve.

two, others do not have to do more than they do

others do not have to do more than they do, here is the need to pay attention to legitimacy. Now the shopping site, the product details page is nothing more than text + picture. I >

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