A college student failed Wangzhuan experience

I am a senior student in an ordinary university in Guangzhou. When I want to write this document before I graduate from all Wangzhuan friends.

I studied economics, the university time is always bored in a day to be sent. To become attached to Wangzhuan or in 2006, it was just opening soon, the course easily no exam pressure, one day accidentally in a forum to see Cashfiesta network advertising to make money, is very attractive, the poster described in the post a month easily earned $more than and 300, but also made a screenshot. At the time that the Wangzhuan is good, than to go out and make the promotion to tutor a lot better, but also do not have to go out, but also on the Internet, so I registered an account to wangzhuan. As long as there is my spare time in front of the computer are looking forward to success with those who earn Wangzhuan bucket, but a month down what did not earn income, from the minimum payment amount is one hundred and eight thousand. Just want to give up, but then the Internet consulting company, that do Wangzhuan perseverance, I put a short time effort is not enough, do Wangzhuan too little. Think about it, after all, is to take the rest of the time to do, but also will not affect learning. If so, then I would have to spend a little time, I believe that Heaven helps those who help themselves.

                  my strategy is the class generally do not turn the computer off hook to make money, sometimes at night have been hung (later the power consumption is too large, roommates have opinions, so give up) in order to have more time to spend on my blog. Even quit their Saturday day Tutor (now in retrospect feel was really SB) concentrate to do Wangzhuan, sometimes skipping (usually only those escape Marx course). So after three months (the day I know how to insist on down, what) Asian friends make money, money and other registration and investigation were done, many forums, Baidu Post Bar have left my footprints, thought this must make money, but the result is still very disappointing, no one more than the minimum the payment amount, the worst is Cashfiesta I do not know how they calculate, every day they banner ads on (don’t count how many times, just remember just bought less than half of the mouse was damaged by a point), only to find that the income is growing the more slowly, to the final accounts are closed, that is cheating, TMD, I completely Speechless. I’m angry, all the saved data, delete all the Wangzhuan site, was depressed for a week.

Bring me

Wangzhuan sequelae has not finished, I did not get the scholarship that semester, this is the only time the University didn’t get a scholarship semester, and two families were almost hanging.

After the

out of the Wangzhuan nightmare, I began to re-examine the network. In the back of the Internet to know a friend called small fish, he is to do their own personal website, the website can give him every month >

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