Alibaba to enter the United States and PayPal your enemy

4 27, Alibaba and PayPal jointly announced that the two sides reached a strategic partnership, PayPal has become one of the Alibaba’s global fast selling platform payment. This also means that the Alibaba in March in the United States, and was the first to use the old rival eBay (PayPal company) to strategy.

Alibaba company CEO Wei Zhe said that "although in recent years, there have been international Internet giants because of various reasons, eventually abandoned the China market, but the Alibaba not because of any difficulties and give us small business, then the Alibaba will also carry out strategic plans in the United States substantial."

it is understood that after many years of development abroad, PayPal, especially in the U.S. market, has become the mainstream of the third party payment platform for foreign trade. Through the use of PayPal payment, the seller can receive the sale of millions of millions of customers using PayPal in the local currency and local payment methods of payment.

previously, however, PayPal also announced a joint venture with China UnionPay, so that domestic users to achieve cross-border payments, and the competitive situation of Alibaba tensions again.

earlier, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma has publicly expressed intention to Alipay "globalization" strategy to pay under the flag of overseas expansion also Alipay indeed wildly beating gongs and drums. In April 21st, Alipay announced to join the MasterCard International, officially opened in Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan three MasterCard payment service. However, compared to the PayPal, after all, Alipay in the global accumulation is still shallow. East sunrise west rain, and for the smooth implementation of the strategy to enter the United States, Alibaba or choose to extend an olive branch to the eBay in the U.S. market.

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