What explains Ma Yun’s C2B

has long been a taobao.com known as the representative, vice president of C2C mode but before talking about taobao.com e-commerce market has said: "the company was to C2B, which is a concept proposed by Mr. Ma Yun." For Taobao claiming to be positioned as C2B, I have some understanding of their own understanding of superficial, if not, please note.

This is C2B


let’s take a look at the definition of C2B:

C2B is a kind of electronic business model, that is, consumer to enterprise. First by the United States popular, the core of C2B, is through the polymerization of the large number of users to form a strong group purchasing, in order to change the user one bid B2C mode of the weak position, to enjoy to buy single commodities at wholesale prices of interest.

B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, the difference between

B2B refers to the business relationship established between merchants and businesses. For example, the Alibaba. B2C is what we often see suppliers sell goods directly to the user, for example: Dangdang, excellence, Youket. C2C, the customer put their own things to the Internet to sell. Example: Taobao, pat, ebay.

C2B, the concept is relatively new, meaning by the customer to choose what they want to write, what is the price, and then by the merchant to decide whether to accept the customer’s request. For example, businesses accept customer requirements, then the transaction is successful; join the business does not accept the customer’s request, then the transaction fails.

From the

definition of C2B, C2B in a customized production is for the customer, the emphasis is the polymerization of the large number of users to form a strong group purchasing, to enjoy the wholesale price. If we say that it is a kind of mode, can carry out the actual operation of the group purchase this mode only. And buy this service, there are very early in the country to provide such services, such as eBay, fence. From the point of view of the development process, as a separate development model is difficult to make great progress, more as a supplement to the original business model.

then you might say, C2B forms and customized service, but this service can only be embedded in the original business model itself, and not as a mode of operation, it is more of a concept, rather than business model. Therefore, the ability to judge the development of independent C2B can only look at whether the group can grow.

proved that it is difficult to grow and expand the Buy mode, also shows that the definition of independent C2B model is also difficult to make a difference. It is difficult to imagine Taobao will buy the service as its next goal of development.

C2B should be a concept rather than a model

since Taobao will not buy services as its development and growth of the next step, the Ma proposed C2B in the end what should be

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