Gadmei and qiyi to build smart special purchases for the Spring Festival to parents

December 17th, the domestic digital photo frame leading brands Gadmei and Iqiyi held an online conference, launched a "warm heart to 2016 parents new year’s gift" – Gadmei Iqiyi inside smart photo Q10. This product at the same time landing Jingdong first, pre-sale period early adopters price only 699 yuan.


Gadmei VP Wang Yu said that Gadmei has been hoping to develop a suitable family of products, it has rich contents and perfect audio-visual experience, can spread happiness, happiness, memory can give family warm tips, so the intelligent transformation of traditional photo into "to the parents of small tv". For the Spring Festival to give a gift to the parents of the people, the Gadmei Iqiyi inside smart photo gave a great let the whole family happy New Year!

Iqiyi as a partner, this intelligent application terminal through the photo tailored, perfectly combines the massive video resources of high quality, the intelligent photo became powerful video playback "smart HD tv". In order to facilitate the use of the elders, Iqiyi also provides new products customized specifically for parents to a remote point play "function. The children through remote operation, using a mobile phone mobile phone Aisin APP can directly share photos, send blessings of entry to the parents of the frame, can also be parents want to see the movie directly pushed to them, can always feel their parents care without their own operation.

senior vice president of Iqiyi said Gadmei as Duan bridge, design innovation and traditional Iqiyi digital products manufacturers platform content advantage of full integration, provide a desirable video viewing terminal for our users. Iqiyi "Shushan" legacy "qinshiming" "stew boiled" ace "opera, run" The Legendary Swordsman "brother" and other popular variety, "said" my song "wonderful ah" pure network programs are available through Gadmei Iqiyi inside smart watch on-demand photo. We will continue to implement our hardware partners Iqiyi inside strategy, by providing an excellent user experience for users, help traditional manufacturers to create more loving home star products.


Iqiyi inside intelligent frame with good quality performance, combined with the koala LavaRadio audiobook, scene music content platform to showcase its rich connotation, compared to the tablet computer in the sound volume is not a small improvement.

In addition to the soft

function, Gadmei Iqiyi inside smart photo products but also to do the homework:


main chip is equipped with Amlogic M805 quad core, 1G dual channel DDR3, 8G eMMC can be described as full weight;



screen configuration >

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