On the three core factors of network marketing in small and medium sized enterprises

now small and medium-sized enterprises pay more attention to the network marketing, but many are because of the ability to move network marketing key not found, resulting in network marketing failure, in fact, want to do network marketing as long as do the three core factors can be, what is the three core factors of network marketing


1: positioning accurate target

for the network marketing must first focus on the target users, you have to learn to find the potential target users can focus on targeted marketing, at the same time, but also to see the degree of competition in the current market counterparts, to see whether the degree of saturation has been reached, if the competition is too big, so marketing naturally will be very difficult!

two: competitive analysis

In fact,

analysis of the degree of competition is very simple, only need to search for similar products in the name of the Internet or similar products using keyword analysis tool search keyword competition, if a large degree of competition, you can find these keywords segments, long tail words fit, so it can effectively avoid the fierce competition, and in the sub sector Zhandexianji


three: the development of marketing strategies for network marketing programs

this is the key core factors, but also the main contents, including general promotion, website construction, staffing and funding for the marketing planning! Basically able to develop effective online marketing strategy


1: what kind of promotion to use

for small and medium-sized enterprise website, the main platform for the promotion of most of them are B2B or B2C platform, such as belonging to the Alibaba, global resources and so on, of course, through the search engine optimization is an indispensable natural way, there is a video blog, forum, etc. the traditional way of marketing platform, if you have enough funds, you can combine a variety of promotion for, if not enough, then through the search engine optimization, it is able to save costs well! Also through the soft Wen can realize precise marketing


2: website aspects of building

if the small and medium-sized enterprises to do network marketing, website nature is indispensable, the website is the basis of network marketing, just like the real store, design of enterprise website to put the idea into one, using the DIV+CSS structure as far as possible, currently on the market through the professional website construction site, from a few thousand dollars to 10000 yuan, some enterprise website in order to show their image, but also into some animation elements, this website construction costs may be higher, of course, for some small and medium-sized enterprise website, using a free site program is also a good choice, because the station program is often more conducive to search engine optimization!

3: need to be equipped with professional network marketing staff

now most companies are outsourcing the way to network >

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