Cross border tax regulations will appeal to all walks of life for the optimization of terms

is about to begin in April 8th to implement cross-border tax regulations sparked concern. In April 6th, Beijing held cross-border tax reform seminar, the relevant government departments, representatives of the school sector, Suning, Tmall, Jingdong and other mainstream business platform and the relevant person in charge of overseas businessmen to share their views on the new regulations.

quota, positive list, the implementation of supporting policies and window period is the focus of attention of participants. Their consensus is that: because of the upgrading of consumption, the power of the development of China’s cross-border electricity supplier imports still exist, the government also encourages its development. But the new cross-border tax reform policy uncertainties and non operational, many technical solutions and supporting documents have not been announced, the enterprise failed to give enough window to deal.

enterprise: support tax, but hope that the relevant provisions of the optimization of

Tmall international deputy general manager Xing Yue believes that the order did not move, the bonded logistics mode innovation first "is a new form of" free trade to look forward to new pattern of a birthright, never deliberately avoidance. But there are also need to be optimized in terms of the New Deal: such as "single transaction limit of 2000 yuan and annual individual transaction limit value 20000 yuan" and can not meet the China consumers have been escalating consumption levels, and may lead to problems such as the amount of transaction at.


Tmall international vice president Xing Yue

from the industry point of view, the free trade zone model has developed to a certain scale. Bonded warehouse logistics services, financial services, integrated services has gradually become the industry chain. The impact of the new deal on the bonded model is bound to affect these earn overseas brand service fee of Chinese enterprises.

Xing Yue also pointed out that, backed by two hundred million or three hundred million of the middle class, China consumption strength has let foreign brands sit up and take notice. Cross-border imports of electricity providers such as the development of good, or the corner overtaking, the price is more right to speak.

Jingdong Global Purchasing leader Qiu Huang pointed out that the new tax will lead to most of the commodity price increases, two to four months will reduce the desire of consumers to buy, but in the long term, cross-border commodity prices than the average trade still has advantages. "As long as the user experience and experience to do with domestic logistics to cross-border electricity supplier industry as a whole is to the good. There will be waves during the political reform, the short-term will have an impact on sales, long-term or rising trend."


Jingdong Global Purchasing leader Qiu Huang

from overseas merchants who believe that the new deal for the impact of the bonded model eventually hurt the user experience. Positive list may lead to the introduction of a number of health products can not enter the Chinese market, and a single transaction limit of 2000 yuan limit will make a lot of small household electrical appliances to buy the program becomes very cumbersome.

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