CANN simplified and traditional Chinese domain names will be tested this week

      October 8th news, according to foreign media reports, the Internet domain name management agency ICANN recently said it would start this week, including Chinese, including non English domain names.

      it is reported that this week to participate in the test of non English languages have simplified and traditional Chinese Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Yiddish (Jewish used international language), North India and Tamil language.

      if the test is successful, then the.Com or.Net end of the above non English domain name will be put into use by the end of 2008. (editor’s note: a translation error, according to Admin5 senior researcher Xiaoyu domain membership reflect: the original translation article is how to test Chinese. Chinese smoothly like "       "   " "  . Chinese stationmaster net;;   & nbsp; " h; Y C, die. K C for   "   this domain will put into use at the end of 2008.         now we often think that is Chinese.Com is Chinese languages, is a transformation of the international domain name such as ".Com is the webmaster nets ""   real Chinese domain name for ". Chinese; station network   "   Chinese in the future the domain will support   ‘. " Punctuation analysis.     for example, " webmaster nets. Chinese " and " Adsense nets. Chinese "   same effect      )

ICANN said that they will use the Punycode software to convert the language to Latin American characters and numbers can be identified by the root server.

      at present, the Internet domain name can only identify 37 characters, including 26 English letters, the number of Arabia, and the number of characters in the 1 links.

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