NetEase following the launch of the buy navigation station after the introduction of B2C online mall

[TechWeb news] December 16th news, NetEase, following the launch of the Group buy navigation site NetEase head, but also launched B2C online mall Analysis of the industry, NetEase move is intended to rely on portals, online games and e-mail huge user base and influence, in the fierce competition in the e-commerce market accounted for a place.


mall currently supports prepaid recharge, online games, direct purchase lottery tickets, photo printing and printing individual customized and other living services, and will support the domestic online games market more than 95% game cards online direct. NetEase launched a number of these businesses, are associated with their own advantages of products.

data show that 60% of NetEase users have been online shopping, and a weekly visit to the shopping site 45%, users of online shopping services there is a lot of demand. After 80, 90 has become the main site of the B2C site to buy, and NetEase existing users just cover the young fashion white-collar and students, and NetEase mall target user groups fit.

According to

CNNIC data, 2009 China users not satisfied with online shopping is the main reason for product quality problem, such as goods and pictures do not match, counterfeit goods, shoddy and damaged goods etc.. NetEase to join the mall service providers and businesses to strictly examine and control the quality of goods from the source, and strive for the most competitive prices to customers, and strive to achieve the "online shopping authentic, easy to enjoy preferential" commitment.

in recent years, the domestic e-commerce market is becoming more competitive, according to Analysys International data show that the Chinese e-commerce annual growth rate over the past few years, more than 100% growth; although the China B2C online retail market scale only accounted for more than 6%, but the growth rate will be higher than the C2C Market, the next three years, the proportion of the scale increasing to 30%. At present, China’s B2C industry is ushered in the U curve bottomed rebound stage.

insiders said that NetEase choose to enter the B2C mall at this time, or by virtue of the strength of the portal in the electronic commerce market place. (Li Qing)

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