Love Shanghai June update to Han Xin


now has two editors, is what all don’t understand.



on the same server site, and included a snapshot of the reaction and the situation is the same, do not do the analysis, we see his anti chain: from about 245 down 45! This can explain not only my site drop right or be K, many websites also included * right! Because most of the chain of the website is published in A5 reproduced form, it can be said that the quality is very high, Shanghai seems to love the object of punishment also includes the acquisition station, yesterday in Shanghai dragon why saw some people say that the love of Shanghai mainly for a large number of original website, seems a little evidence of

used to love Shanghai updates are often cut the Gordian knot, Thursday to trim the end of the month, a thorough inventory! Do not meet the requirements of your hair, the June update is a bit special, before the Thursday of the two week has been forthcoming, most of last Thursday’s drop right, whether big station station or the station grassroots the same station,


this is a query through the webmaster tools, we can see 6-25 to 26, included drop, No. 27, Shanghai began to increase your love, but this love Shanghai No. 28 on the feathers, although the show included the Webmaster Tools 1, site no! But love from the sea is not anti chain what’s the problem here, take a picture.

love Shanghai update completed

first, a week of continuous server problem made my head


Update the Similar to

163, sina Tencent, this well-known large update has been completed, so beautiful to say a little famous station update is still in! Now that pulled the hair, analysis of causes of


take a look at this two days, one day a server problem for more than 6 hours, can not let the head? But I feel very strange, since the server problems in a row should be able to find love in Shanghai? Why love Shanghai for a week on the site of the spider crawling is unusually active, ten minute crawl time, is this was called before K! The company has been active in the domain name server will record, from Hongkong to the mainland, hoping to solve the problem.



second content

I personally to update location "this love Shanghai Han Xin Dianbing": a group of a group to say, not only in his time, but also in the updating method and he batch analysis through the website said it slowly.

This is the


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