n the search engine marketing share button function

share will become your site link link. Although they may not have rule links, but still can improve the link to the number of web pages on your site. The other is a visible effect, if you have more links to your site to share, then there is more chance to be seen by others or by the third party to share.

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here are four reasons you should consider to add share button.

3, it encourages your brand or organization to talk. Once a blog by sharing button is shared by another way by others to open, and then continue on your blog theme or brand talk. In short, the share button can increase the visibility. Visibility can add more chances.

should be treated like guests stay with your visitors. When they visit your home (site), making them more comfortable doing things easier. And you can open and friendly conversation. Make them by sharing your information amplification. This is a.

have you considered the share button to join the search engine marketing strategy as a part of your website or blog. According to a well-known Web site test in the use of noble baby + button, site traffic increased more than 3.5 times. This is a dramatic "gold", can not be ignored.


2, it can scatter your interaction. The Internet has a positive participation in science and technology, fashion and political exchanges a large number of people. If you thought the goods brand resonates with them, sharing through the use of the button. It will be a perfect fusion.


1, it provides people a lot more direct way to share your content and keep your readers. With multiple social network sharing buttons appear (such as Twitter, Facebook, set up personal mail), they can save time and avoid a lot of trouble to share.

search engine marketing strategy cannot be postponed

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