Keywords decide the fate of the site

first, we want to know what keywords to our website, which can bring benefits to our website, then we have to look at the meaning of the words.

also take the above example, a foreign customers, because of geographical restrictions, so the training institutions do not necessarily come to you. And the conversion rate is not high. We want to accurately locate the keywords, accurate search for potential customers. Let us website flow is effective flow, so as to improve the site conversion rate.

?For example,

1. ensure that the target keywords people search


5. divergent thinking, good at finding new opportunities for

when we define keywords, we must stand in the user’s point of view thinking. When the user needs a product, how would the words to search

I give you experience to share my experience and experience, we hope to help.

website also encountered such a problem, let me very headache, remain perplexed despite much thought. Why the ranking is so good, that is not up to the ideal effect. I read a lot of articles and information on the Internet, but just don’t understand exactly what causes the. Then I also consulted many insiders, my teacher asked me a question: "you have to search keywords

Zhengzhou is a customer, I want to find a Shanghai dragon training institutions in Zhengzhou. Then I will search "Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon training institutions", and not to go to the broad search "Shanghai dragon training institutions, so we need to accurately define our keywords.

from both user intention and commercial value, more specific, longer search words have very important significance.

take the above example, if you go to a wide range of search "Shanghai dragon training institutions" that will face the competition from all over the country. The difficulty of the competition will be very large. So we need precise positioning of keywords, reduce the pressure of competition.

everyone’s thinking have limitations, so we should be good at divergent thinking, "

I think we have encountered such a problem, the site has good ranking. But it is not much traffic, conversion rate is not high.

I have ?"This sentence makes me confused

tutor. Then my teacher told me a word: "you did not search keywords, which will flow. No traffic, and where the conversion rate? "Then I see light suddenly, mentor mean I didn’t stand to the user’s perspective to search. I finally found the problem! Because my words no goals, no precise positioning of my customers. It was a result of my website is not no traffic conversion rate.

keyword optimization

2. reduces the difficulty of

4. search diversity

3. for

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