n the face of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er need a cockroach spirit

This is also the focus of

4. there are a lot of garbage outside the station of the chain, if your site uses software sending a large number of the chain of garbage, in the love of Shanghai update you are likely to be right down, love Shanghai to send a lot of spam links website has made the punishment, we should pay attention to what we usually do in the chain to pay attention to the quality of the.

, a Shanghai dragon is not K, not a qualified.

5. user experience poor stand down the right on which users are more personal feeling of love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, we need to pay attention to this.

second, the chain of garbage every day, was asked how much the chain, the same content of waste

2, medical industry:

K features

industry edge site: such as servers, gambling, card, credit card and pornography is the K station in the proportion of more.

acquisition station: pseudo original content is very short, out of order keyword stuffing

The 1,

first, the content of garbage, the hospital website five original articles are copied to copy the

LEE said in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform description, this is entirely in order to get traffic, but not for users and design, this kind of website visitors to Taobao, so Taobao customers do this should be one of the sacrificial objects.

just in the medical group to see a webmaster said they charge a website updated daily 80 article, the 80 30 developed different positions. This is also very much medical site explains why the spread of.

third, part of the site also buy links, one-way links too much also led by K

recently love Shanghai storm although love Shanghai webmaster announcement has come to an end, but it produces the "Butterfly Effect", but There are still repercussions.

love Shanghai to take the strategy: would rather kill one thousand, you can not let go of A. So your site does not meet the following K standard, then you have to go to Shanghai to complain about love 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/suggest

I think this is too dependent on love Shanghai eat webmaster, really a tragedy. Not even a lot of "pot" end, more importantly will produce "like jiuzu". Many webmaster reflects his station uprooted, was not a bit vague. I believe the crowd, there will be different people in recounting their tragic experience of K station.

how to face the sea with K station event, I think all the Shanghai dragon ER needs to be as small as playing immortal spirit in the face of the incident. At the same time there are several good mentality.


3, chain

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