n the face of how to carry out the work of Shanghai dragon new site

new website content update must pay attention to originality, spider love is valuable, love new things, in fact, a spider is Xixinyanjiu guy, as long as you are updated every day, and is a high quality original content, the spider can every day to crawl, included in the site was put out sooner or later.

general station on the line just as early and need to adjust the local search engine, but also the observation period. This is the time when we need to use robots, can be in robots first of all the spiders are shielded, not allowed to our site spider crawling in about 48 hours after the entry into force of the robots to our website program is uploaded to the space, this time can be assured to modify our website. The structure, internal links to adjust our website end website sitemap also produced and uploaded, statistical tools also installed is completed, it can open the door to wait for spider crawling website.

as the Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, especially the line just friends, generally had this experience, suddenly give you a new site to let you go, you will have what reaction? I believe that most people are confused and disoriented, do not know where to start, as to a very confused. In the house, don’t know where to start up. Just some time ago I also encountered such a problem, that is my real experience, below share with you a following on the new site, how to carry out optimization.

was followed by the entrance of the major search engines to submit, is actually submitted registration in the search engine on our website, let the spider know I was new, specially to you do not submit a report, never mind, just submit more conducive to the spider in the shortest time web crawling. The first time the general website and submit the crawling spider web site is not submitted within 24 hours, some will be longer.


Shanghai dragon patience is very important, especially new sites, many friends said that I stood for 10 days, also not included in the search engine. In fact, search engine has just launched a new station is very strict, especially the love of Shanghai, so we must pay attention to the IIS log, it is the site of the barometer. As long as every spider, did not meet the 404 code is at ease, how to do on how to do. Sink margin of Shanghai station on line 15 days dragon home was released (here refers to the love of Shanghai from home).

is a road is long and boring work, the chain construction site. See a lot of friends in question: the new site every day how many good outside chain? In fact, this does not have a uniform standard, according to the size of the site to develop a new site outside the chain is growing too fast, can also cause the attention of search engines, you are mistaken for cheating, so there may be right down, so do Shanghai dragon, patience is very important. When the new general observation period of day 30 to 100 the chain is enough. Large consulting, >

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