Discussion the site outside the chain is important not important

above so much and regen surprised me, did not think carefully read, see a lot of brilliant reply, also let me learn something outside the chain only play a supporting role in the optimization of good Sitelinks do stand outside the chain is better than the spam chain more to do outside the chain to use text links, links, anchor text, density distribution and index of the chain to high quality and a good grasp of the key words, another one is the high quality with great efficiency and recovery.

chain not only refers to the forum signature, posting replies, and more diversified range of methods. Starting from the love of Shanghai to do search engines only have love Shanghai products chain, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love library Encyclopedia Shanghai know, know platforms such as Taobao Soso Ask, ask, question and answer, classification information platform, all kinds of information publishing platform B2B, blog, news chain, bookmarks, network favorites, popular community friends of the chain, Post Bar, submitted to the soft exchange platform, and so on. Try to do can be multi-faceted.

chain is not directly into the forum registration account link and lost forever will not have the effect of. The link should pay attention to collect those websites, the forum, the community, the blog link is included, the effective, these effective websites using Excel statistical collation, monitoring results, and then concentrate on release, not to do a thin wide The heavenly maids scatter blossoms.

some keywords do a few days have the effect, some do one or two months to see the effect. Don’t be popular keywords, this is difficult to do, because we are doing, choose the index of keywords to be relevant, can choose the general high correlation keywords to do, if I can do news


chain is not a simple post replies, do things carelessly. If done to the high quality of the chain, set the anchor text, or hyperlink, or text links, not only the forum will Jiajing, other sites will be reproduced, so the chain of search engines have what reason not included. The chain also want to send outside the chain of high quality, high weight website posted. For example, speed transit, Adsense nets, the laggards, A5, Eric, 28tui, Shanghai dragon wehy. I find some high weight forum hot topic.

someone’s point of view: the hair of the chain to pay attention to skills

The The ?See

someone’s view: the chain platform should be diversified

is a "all more than 20 days of the chain in 28 to push the forum, have what effect?" attracted questions post, see the problem should be so hot, so many people participate in the answer, it carefully to turn the pages down, a full 36 page answer verbatim read. I am confused, what should the hair of the chain how to send the chain site outside the chain is not important,

someone’s view: with the chain keywords competition degree, conversion rate, and the quality of the chain is

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