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domain name and space business The construction of Keywords: Keywords

3. Description: description by adding their own words in the description, but it is recommended that you do not put the page description write too long, beyond the limits of "description is not in the major search engines display, can display the first 120 Chinese characters content. You don’t have to fill 120 Chinese characters, "the description is not as long as possible. Customers have their own judgment, "describe if there is exaggerated words, words are only annoying not to the point. The main content should be the main products and services to your web site or web page description >.

1. Title Title: the title of the site should add keywords, generally set up 3 key words do not repeat, the index of keywords can query in index.baidu贵族宝贝, selected 3 key words remember to use a comma (,) to separate the keywords, website title should be suitable length, generally not recommended more than 32 Chinese characters so that you can the.

2. set of keywords is the most important, because it will bring you benefits. How to set the key words? You have to choose according to the same industry competition intensity. For example, I was doing onschedule release station, love Shanghai index.baidu贵族宝贝 check, onschedule and Zhu Xian 2 PW index was the highest, that is to say the two words can bring you flow is the largest.

, a website:

two site settings: how to set up the site title, keyword and description

your site needs a your own domain name, and choose according to your business, I suggest to GoDaddy domain name registration, the world’s largest domain name provider,贵族宝贝 international domain name 50 dollars a year, or very cheap, but also safe and stable. If you know English, you can go to registration, cannot read English words, then go to Taobao to find someone to note. There is room for it is best to find a stable, fast, and independent IP (usually buy space which are put in a lot of station, this is not good for optimization. So to be independent IP) space, this space cost may be expensive, but overall, is worth it.

first, I’m not a professional Shanghai dragon Er is not a search engine ranking expert, I’m just a Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, I try to ensure that the methods and strategies mentioned below is valid and conform to the rules, if there is an error, please skip or carry out, we discuss. Remember just contact the Shanghai dragon, I feel very difficult, very mysterious, always have a lot of questions to optimize, what is the title of the title? How to get? What is the key? How to choose keywords? What is the description? Describe how to write and so on all sorts of questions around me?. I will explain below, my understanding of them. The hope can bring some inspiration to everyone, for beginners reference Shanghai dragon optimization.

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