Shanghai dragon er who must pay attention to protect and make good use of your website brand word

today is to talk with you if you protect your website brand word, we listened to the most classic case should be intercepted traffic from Taobao’s wheat bags. One day in the Taobao search volume is wuliushiwan love Shanghai, so let the keywords gold wheat bags to cut to go. Of course, Taobao can shield the rich love Shanghai, not in the call being cut away this traffic. But our small owners are generally not the confidence. So I propose here we should protect the website brand word will not be intercepted, on the other hand, to do publicity for our own.

what can be done? I came here to share my approach, the first is to establish a Wikipedia entry. The second is micro-blog, according to this observation as the Tencent is the highest in Shanghai love weight, with their own brand name micro-blog word. As long as the love of Shanghai included after the keyword ranking just as well. The third is the love of Shanghai Post Bar with your brand, your words create a love of Shanghai Post Bar, then you on the inside for the Lord, so that you can indirectly control the Post Bar. The fourth is the love of Shanghai know, we all know the weight of love Shanghai know is quite high. Fifth, you can also get a business such as video, the video for their website account for a brand word ranking is also quite good.


a website his brand word is very important, first to explain to you what is the website brand word. Brand word also can be understood call your brand name, started two search engines to strengthen the protection of the brand, so that "key" is often only the brand’s official website and the highest level of domestic and foreign brands authorized agent in order to have a better search engine rankings, this policy has led to more sites not even through the website optimization website keywords ranking get better ranking, in fact this policy can also be understood, is the national respect for intellectual property rights on the Internet in the best embodiment. If you think you can through other means "love Shanghai", "Alibaba", "Google" brand word keywords do these for having heard it many times the top few, do not confuse the public, users do not know who is really "love Shanghai", who is "copycat love sea".

own brand not being intercepted because there is a feeling of being the same infringement, another point is that if people use our brand word of negative news, but it is very bad for us, so we have to protect your website brand word. That in the end is how to protect others? Is to search our website brand word appear all of our information, others do not dare to say to want to come, at least we intercepted the flow of people to form a strong threshold.

The protection of

of course for our brand word is not only the protection so simple, it is more important for us to make good use of our brand word for positive information. Because you know the search engine now uses shopping decisions, if someone found >

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