Technology trends of 360 comprehensive search just clouds

now the product is not a user group, but the user experience. 2 years ago, NOKIA users group, or the leading mobile phone market share, more than 50, now the user is depleted, the company.

say that the 360 site navigation, from this piece of 360 at a disadvantage, whether it is love or Shanghai HAO123 2345 site navigation user experience is better than 360, and more users. Therefore, 360 to preserve their existing browsers and web site navigation user is not so easy, the fix will lead to the loss of a large number of users inherent.

algorithm after earthquake love Shanghai for about two months, in August 16th 360 launched a comprehensive search service, for a time, owners started some owners even started Public opinions are divergent., forecast, 360 comprehensive search may occupy Shanghai love 30%-40% traffic, some owners began to study the 360 algorithms, begin to search 360 Shanghai Dragon optimization. The author believes that the form and sign launched from 360 comprehensive search showed that 360 of the focus is not on the search engine, and the 360 is the strength of Shanghai does not have the challenge of love.

second, search engine is the core concept of cloud computing, technology era network products focus on user experience

from the Internet form, to imagine the love of Shanghai, the Tencent formed a monopoly in a certain area, very difficult. At present, the browser market, with Firefox, Tencent TT, travel, love Shanghai browser and so on, to get the market 360 browser just because it has a "safe" security, to ensure that in recent years the market share has been compared to the front, not because 360 browser user experience is really good. Compared to foreign Microsoft IE and noble baby browser, there are still a lot of 360 technical shortcomings, browsing speed and interface display effect is not very good, you know, IE browser market share once in more than 90%, finally also gradually declined, even more this year by Gu Gechao.

current market statistics, 360 security browser in the domestic Internet market share is relatively large, and the default home page for 360 web site navigation, from the general use habits, it is easy to use 360 comprehensive search, therefore, have a certain number of the flow is very normal.

first, traffic does not mean has the user

compared to other search engines, 360 comprehensive search does not have any advantage, and even far less than soso and Sogou, and don’t love Shanghai more competitive, at this point I believe that the webmaster. Tencent so giant user group, Tencent SOSO did not shake the love of Shanghai Chinese search low, but in recent years the love of Shanghai’s market share is growing. Just imagine, Tencent and love Shanghai fighting for so many years Chinese Internet leader, do not shake, and capital and technology are at a disadvantage of 360?

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