Shanghai dragon er must have its own position and direction

Shanghai dragon in foreign countries has developed for a long time, but in the country has just begun a few years. This talent is not a lot, but also are other industries to jump over, many of them are never touched the Shanghai dragon, and now the school is not related to professional learning, changing are confused, do not know what this industry development, I was graduated from the computer, very many years at the beginning, go this way, because the other work for my taste, exchange, think this is OK, with professional edge, and I have 1 relatives are doing related work, 4,5 opened a studio, each person every month can earn 6000-10000, do not feel at it is too difficult to choose this path to a company to a supervisor in this business for 9 months, has begun to earn extra money, the company allows employees to go out after a month in addition to the basic business Wages, less $2000, more than 20000, I was shocked, feeling it is really promising, 9 months will be out of their own, so more motivated to learn relevant knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, once the goals are dynamic. To the back of the 1 and 2 months before I learned that my relatives there is connected with web design, and my supervisor is connected with many kinds of business on the Internet, such as voting, QQ business, and Shanghai has very little dragon.. I suddenly ignorant, do stand in the process without much enthusiasm, go home at night to play at 1,2, the second day class tired half dead, not the spirit. In that period there is a station for me to do. After a period of time for yourself to think of a way out, but did not come up with a clear way, mixing time work for half a year is the main chain, there is little contact with something deeper, I think the director may charge, people don’t promise much, things to do several other people. Behind what because no effort in doing it, quit. While I was on the rise of another company at the beginning of the training company, a Shanghai dragon explains to us the way, and I have some foundation, so fast track.

some Shanghai dragon specialized research search engine rules, the research of optimization techniques, such as Zac, Cardiff, Guoping et al., they focus on technology, but the lack of operational thinking, not very proficient in how to apply to the actual profit of Shanghai dragon. When you say when technology or knowledge reaches a certain level, you can start to teach others how to do Shanghai dragon.

to write so many personal experiences just want to let everyone know to locate a person and the direction is very important, no direction and position is very difficult to do in Shanghai Longfeng, especially in the promotion are generally the chain Commissioner, with boring to describe this work estimated that no one would oppose, day in and day out. Moreover, large quantity of foreign trade stalls Shanghai Longfeng it all English tragedy, or foreign language, look awful, not to mention what interest, here I will talk about the location and outlet of Shanghai longfeng.

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