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in accordance with the white hat love Shanghai mentioned in the Shanghai dragon inside the Shanghai dragon is suggested to play the role of improving and standardizing the website design, make it more friendly to search engine and user, and get a reasonable flow, and for the black hat Shanghai dragon refers to the use of strategy and enlarge defect search engine (actually a perfect system there is no) get more user traffic, and these more traffic, this operation is to hurt at the expense of the user experience. You can have a hypothesis: if the use is reasonable means, give the user a high value content, not the user search experience damage, so this link is desirable, will be recognized by search engine.

in Shanghai Webmaster Platform data area of an article is to talk about "harm" trading links, link behavior for Shanghai dragon, is easy to threaten the fairness of the search engine, so as to search engine needs a severe blow to this. Personal understanding of the link has two kinds, one is that the link at the bottom of the site, which we often speak of Links, this kind of link, because of the large weight high website or website Links are difficult to obtain, so its scarcity and importance is evident, and the sale of this kind of link, can pass link voting let site quickly improve weight. Another page appears in the website content, usually with love for Shanghai news source recognition and ranking industry to get home, love Shanghai traffic. The two link behavior is the mainstream method for this kind of love, Shanghai link behavior is recommended to use the nofollow attribute, although the site owners need to do an obligatory, but love of Shanghai is to improve the algorithm more. Here are a few examples to give you a look at search engine for link judgment behavior is not so sensitive.

if you love the Shanghai Webmaster Platform data area, we will know love Shanghai offers a lot of website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization operation guide for our webmaster inside, in particular to a lot of what we should do and can do some operation suggestions, this is a very valuable advice for every worker in Shanghai dragon as a white hat, Shanghai dragon insisted, I also very much agree with this report some algorithms and rules, also hope to love Shanghai can give more suggestions, make Shanghai Longfeng more healthy development.

love Shanghai as Chinese mainstream search engines, the daily traffic is huge, and the love of Shanghai according to their own internal Aladdin rule, will be more of its own product page to the home page, want to search engine to improve the user experience, the idea is really for the search engine experience more effective way, but sometimes it is is this operation for some better algorithm by the enemy from the inside break.

For example,

you search for "Shanghai"


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