The use of third party platform optimization ranking chain keywords fast ranking method

some people will say, what time will put his funny forced hard to write original articles to the forum, of course, I will not teach you to do such a funny forced thing, although Shanghai Longfeng not pay much attention to these details, but some still influential, so I suggest that you put the articles published to their website, two days after the submission to the large website.

"demand rapid ranking" the largest? That is, find ways to find the company, just one of my blog, it is natural.

blog in Shanghai Longfeng rankings should do


new haven’t weight, did not rank, no credibility, love in Shanghai want to get the above ranking is very difficult, to write an article in the niubable even included all difficulties and ranking.

said an article published in nature is easy, to copy a send into the can? Of course not, because too many articles repeat page love Shanghai only authorized the first release of the website ranking, so I want to really have some difficulty, then write your own, since it is to write. Do it this keyword needs to write, what are the requirements? How to write? Is very simple, many people search natural demand is also big, try searching for your keywords, see any drop-down box, in the search to see the bottom, these are the needs of.

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to write an article to article is considered the best in the Shanghai dragon, why do you say so, I do not know what is the purpose of my friends are updated every day, probably because Shanghai Longfeng, may be recording, perhaps as a pure share, but there are goals, we will consider in the station Shanghai dragon point today, love Shanghai is very clear and we say that he is standing in the user perspective to judge the quality of "good and bad, then we present aside love Shanghai directly into the user psychology, users see is how to think, take this to say.

(two whennot long words, traffic is surprisingly

The essence of the

chain is used for drainage, but was more than 80% of the Shanghai dragon ER understanding become spider, so do not pay attention to quality, how made will not go to see the effect, but in fact can be used outside the chain of good rankings, even some ranking is our home to make up.

from the top of the figure can be seen, although the two terms is not what good words, but can do up rankings I believe that in addition to the use of the chain platform in three days, we have no better way, and we are the new sites, make up at least 2-3 months (excluding master in the outside, I was a rookie). These two or three months, you can wait? 2-3 months maybe you website revision, not to mention if the issue in the news source platform that is basically a day can be ranked as A5, the owners of the house, 28 push platform.

What is the

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