The website is K how to do

site excessive optimization


I have a few sites such a problem, the front page of the site from the Shanghai love sometimes suddenly disappeared, I couldn’t find it, but the inside pages of the site are still there, but after an hour, suddenly back, also once had a genius restored, it is concluded that this must be the search engine to adjust and update, sometimes because of a search engine in the adjustment of their own problems caused accidentally lost your site’s home page, but also does not matter, if the problem is in general search engine itself, after the longest one or two days just waiting for a love Shanghai update, the spider to find your home page it will be restored, if you want to recover quickly if you can send some outside the chain to attract a spider over, if included in your site is a K is left, then must be search engine To pull hair.

website is K, this problem is very common, why is there such a situation? Usually encounter these problems will first analyze the website Links if there is a K site, with IP being the K site, then an antidote against the disease because I did not stop, what many repetitive content also, no excessive optimization and done garbage outside the chain, so usually home in Shanghai love disappeared after I first analyze Links and IP, if there is no problem that is the search engine’s own problems, so if the problem is the search engine home page will soon be put out again.

2, the content of highly repetitive

1, the search engine update

website is K causes and recovery method of

site optimization must be over most of my friends do a wrong station have made many new friends, read a lot online tutorial Shanghai dragon, think they are all invaluable advice, as long as the way they do can get good rankings, so that >

a lot of friends in order to improve the number of included in the site, think more of the amount collected, website ranking will be better, because there is a word called the content well, more content, included quantity, the website ranking will certainly be better, so they get a lot of content to others, every day to a website. Copy reprint articles, or to a large collection, I believe that the collection may be good, but you have been slowly obsessed, because the site is inside the Internet highly repetitive content, it is also the most after the cause of the site is K off, because the search engine is the main purpose for the user experience, your site is reproduced in other things on the site, are a lot of repeat things, and to the user on your site you blindly value? The pursuit of collection and a large number of outlets, and there has never been a little something, not a little something of value, in order to pursue the number regardless of user experience, finally by the search engine to determine the rubbish site, we do not love the dumpster, search engine to your site to pull it.

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