n 2011 ten Google PR value update records

Google updates the PR value with historical data table:


past Google is updated once every three months to a year, only about four times the PR value of the update frequency. The first half of last year is not an update, many people mistakenly think that Google stopped updating the PR value. Really rare frequently updated ten times this year, and in July a month continuously updated three times. This update is the largest in June 28th, update the proportion is as high as 59.84%.

although Google PR value is increasingly diluted, but it is still our website a good quality evaluation standard. This query tool chain when YAHOO officially closed, Alexa Chinese inconsistent with soil had receded, still do not know how long we can with Google pr.

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long ago there was news that Google will not update the PR value, and may be cancelled. But this year Google PR frequent awesome update, I believe everyone will not question this problem. The following data is Google the PR value update from Chinaz historical scale map:


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