How to deal with the 2012 Baidu irregular menstruation

in the past year, love Shanghai "period" a few degrees of imbalance, the law is the number one month a small change, a big change in March. There are many aspects: 1. with altitude hair, this is the modus operandi of love Shanghai. 2, keywords ranking drop sharply, let us feel the sky is falling. The situation in the end is what caused it, and how to deal with the love of Shanghai "menstrual dysregulation of our webmaster

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1. Baidu think your website content is boring, no spiders eat! This is a problem, do website of information of the most common is the acquisition, collection of content in a short period of time while you may see your collection and flow increased, including pseudo original, but after falling in love with the sea after careful screening, found before the Internet and your articles on similarity is very high, you become like to pull hair.

content is king, this is an indisputable "in the webmaster circle

2. the chain is not normal site. What is the chain is not normal, many webmaster to the rapid increase of the chain, the use of chain tools brush chain, which is in love with the sea is not love, love is always love Shanghai prim webmaster, it should be recognized by. The principle of brush chain is generally the tools of tens of thousands of IP queries, Alexa ranking query, PR query and other owners used query site, because most of these websites have query records display and query records can be like Shanghai, Google, Sogou, search, YAHOO search engine fast included, so that the formation of foreign but because the love chain, Shanghai adjustment of the chain and weight distribution of the lower, or even directly deleted, so the site keywords this problem not just strange!

4. other reasons. This is a reason that your site site metaphor: some time ago due to the Chinese new year, a long time not updated, or is due to their love Shanghai data processing and other aspects of the error. These are not sure

but to solve the problem we must first find the reasons from their own, personally feel that the problems above website will generally have some problems, summed up as the following four points:

said that for the above situation and website performance out of the situation, we are not able to guess a lot of love Shanghai algorithm adjusted? Since we know it to do this adjustment, we should how to deal with

3. user experience bad websites. The love of Shanghai is now more and more attention to the user experience, we do stand owners nor with rank and do, the ultimate goal is to get the customer wallet and money. (of course, does not exclude individual stationmaster) so in order to use the Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, please don’t forget a premise is the user experience. Only retain customers, reduce the bounce rate is the website do stand king. I love Shanghai now for users to jump out of the high rate of site assessment was carried out on the outside of the chain, so to support, not what real significance of the site is also to be punished in this update in.

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