On the choice of four steps webmaster website keyword

five is the most effective method of keyword research I often use the electricity supplier website owners can try, we then look down.

4, by keyword mining tools to dig out the relevant keywords, such as Jinhua, Google keyword tools, these tools can expand thousands of tens of thousands of words.


for a web site, is often the most difficult to start, many owners do not know how to choose the site keywords, especially many small and medium business website keyword selection, may for the webmaster choice of small and medium sized enterprises website is very simple, but for small and medium sized business website stationmaster is a tangled affair. The author is engaged in the electricity supplier website optimization for a long time, in the process of optimization is keyword selection and distress, so I always exchange, eventually obtained certain skills, my experience may be very useful for the novice webmaster, because I am also a new hand well, to talk about some of my business website people love choice method.

first, the number of pages each search engine returns in a keyword search results on the lower right corner of the list, for example, I search for ultra billion glasses network, can see the detailed page number, this number can reflect the web page number associated with this keyword, and these pages are my competitors.

second, the degree of competition is judged keywords >


two, the degree of competition in the

2, to ask around friends and relatives, wife and fellow students, they will use what keywords to search, don’t be shy, it is very helpful to the choice of key words.

1, understand the

5, the search engine will provide relevant information such as key words, I search for a keyword, the search engine will love Shanghai related keywords in the drop-down box and the bottom, this is probably the most common method.

to optimize the site of the industry, through their own knowledge or ask yourself, if I am a user I will search what word, this is very important.

, a list of related keywords

3, to see the competitor’s website or the website of the same industry, the search engine to look at the top twenty web sites, they all put what keywords in the title or keyword tag, will optimize the website are the keywords from the title.


is second, the degree of competition in keywords. After the first step, I have lots of related keywords, how the degree of competition and then I began to study these words, I personally think is to find the competition is relatively small, and the number of search keywords is more. How to see the degree of competition in these words, there are two main indicators.

is listed first, a large number of related keywords. To find the right keywords, first go to the list of keywords and keywords related to the individuals that can be obtained from the following aspects:

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