Now how will new fast get good rankings

love the stars think to want to make the site quickly get ranked can start from two aspects, one is that many of our webmaster used black hat techniques, but this method can now be identified completely, so is not recommended to use. The operation skill of another way is good, this method is being completely in love with Shanghai identity, we are going to talk about the two specific methods.

first we improve website internal situation after the need to pay attention to all kinds of problems, such as the site within the dead links, post quality, website title and description of the writing, keyword density and layout of the site, 404 page perfect and so on, these are the problems we should consider, only these are considering the place, and persevere to implement, then the site will have a good ranking. The website internal problems to deal with, we need to deal with external problems, the high quality of the chain is to be done, the chain has a pivotal position in the ranking of a website, but at the same time we should be monitored for the website and IP flow and other aspects of the data, adhesion in order to effectively improve the site, we can according to these data to gradually develop the implementation plan website.

when we do a website, every webmaster want your site as soon as possible to get good rankings. In the past will be a new fast for ranking, as long as the chain to do so is relatively easy, but with love Shanghai constantly on the algorithm to adjust, love Shanghai also continue to strengthen the crackdown on some cheating methods, after causing many webmaster website ranking to soon fell down, and some web site for a long time, but the ranking is not very good. So today we talk about how the new fast get good rankings.

finally we will say that the website internal links, early when the site itself weight is not very high, the chain may not have much impact on the ranking of the site, but the weight of the post site once up, then in.

technique is very rapid the ranking of the site before, many webmaster in site just on the line when the black hat technology, in a short period of time will be the site of the rankings rapidly to the home page, but this method greatly damage the user experience, and the use of this method will enhance the beloved Shanghai website home to the time is not very long, for some time the product, for the long-term and stable customer of this method is not desirable.

relative to the above mentioned black hat techniques, this method belongs to the white hat technology field, this method also won the love of Shanghai’s favorite, suitable for long-term stability of the station, the biggest feature of this approach is slow and stable effect, suitable for long-term promotion and maintenance.

, a black hat optimization technique

Black hat

two, good skills of

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