How to set the 404 error page and introduction

caused this error in general, there are three kinds:


cannot access the Web site in the requested port.

"file to restore the lack of the correct position, to set up a network service. For users, you need to check the input network address is correct.


Web service extension locking strategy prevents this request.

MIME mapping strategy prevents this request.

404 is a



is the WWW website more frequent error. The most common error: 404 NOT FOUND. 404 page is when the user input the wrong link, the page returned.



404 error page



W3C HTTP code in the state provisions

404 page is to tell your visitors the requested page does not exist or link errors, and guide users to use other web page and not to close the window to leave.

The effect of

P 404 error means that the link to the page does not exist, namely the original "URL failure, this situation often happens, it is difficult to avoid, for example:" URL "generation rules change, file rename or move the location, link spelling error, leading to the original URL address cannot be accessed when the Web server receives; a similar request, will return a 404 status code that tells the browser to request the resource does not exist.

custom 404 error page is to enhance the user experience of good practice, but in the application process often did not pay attention to the impact on the search engine such as: the wrong server configuration to return "200" status code or a custom 404 error page using the Meta Refresh to return to "302" status code. The right set of custom 404 error page, not only should be able to correctly display, at the same time, should return to the "404" error generation >

404 on the Shanghai dragon







The importance of



404 page to

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