The contents of this website will allow you to develop more quickly

2, clever for web content between the correlation, such as www.tbtmsy贵族宝贝 this website content below to add some relevant recommendations, to guide users to access some other related content, so it can effectively increase the PV value of the site.

1, we need to understand the user’s preferences, and a corresponding increase in the content of the website according to these preferences, so that these content is the real need of user preferences.

for the site, even if there is more than IP, if the PV value is not high, so this site is undoubtedly a dumpster, because only the user visit the page, can better prove your website is really valuable, users need the site. So how to improve the PV value of

4, no matter what kind of website, how the user cannot do without the topic of entertainment, so we.

(two) to enhance the website content PV.

The number of visiting the web site Keywords

2, created some distinctive theme columns or topics, synchronized around the theme of this paper, the total elapsed time, at the same time the article was collected to the column weight accumulation, is the best of both worlds, of course, this method is the most suitable for the old station some weight good.


1, need enough, closely around the long tail keywords write more words, let the spider crawl, so as to get the long tail keywords ranking, IP traffic for us.

(IP) is undoubtedly the most able to define a site’s success, but if the use of web content to give us this topic more IP, or Shanghai Longfeng article or less mentioned, so small finishing points for your reference:

(a) the content of the website can bring IP.

with 628 after the incident, Shanghai continues to love the algorithm adjusted vigorously against some garbage, cheat, collection site, to do this for a living master is a fatal blow, but for those of us taking the normal route, write original content owners, undoubtedly have more hope of success, but what kind of content can truly conducive to the development of our website? The following small sums up some to share to you, hope to help you master.

3, increase the number of web pages, for longer articles we can follow those pictures website, using the form of paging let users access the page, but the premise is the content of your site is enough to attract users.

3, through the alliance, using commercial means to write some and site theme related articles published, and with a link address, bring us the flow. (usually buy some such as Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other portal page small ads)

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