Screening site keywords how to do long tail keywords

generally, a website with three core keywords is appropriate, in the website optimization process, determine the core keywords, update, chain promotion can not blindly rely on three key words appear repeatedly in the website content, so it is easy to appear keywords accumulation, will be hard to avoid search engine drop right. Understand the essence of keyword optimization webmaster usually let Web site traffic through the long tail keywords, improve the site weight.

what is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords refers to non target site keywords but also can bring the flow of search keywords, simply put, is to expand the core keywords, such as clothing, for example, keywords are clothing, you can expand the domain name in Shanghai, clothing, also can expand the season, for example spring clothing, with age and gender development and so on, in some competitive keywords, bring traffic to the site is mainly the long tail keywords, of course, for the website, a long tail key words bring flow is limited, want to get super high flow, optimization, need massive long tail keywords then how do the long tail keywords are selected


long tail keywords master stage, active manually collected real-time sorting. The Internet every day.

long tail keywords entry stage, by virtue of their senses to do long tail keywords. Many webmaster in the online website, involved on the website of the industry generally have a certain understanding, and the prospects of this industry is full of hope, the heart will have some directions and ideas, these ideas may be somewhat immature, or some childish, but by virtue of the site’s enthusiasm fully the idea of using the long tail keywords shown, although there may be misguided, even when the user is not cold, but only try to test their original idea is correct

long tail keywords learning stage, learning from competitors. The Internet has entered the era of almost any All flowers bloom together., an industry competition, a good learning webmaster should often to rival the site visit, learn each other’s advantages, of course, there are some combination of long tail keywords as the saying goes, line see road, as long as the industry has a lot of experience, learn, will find my own shortcomings and their strengths, learn the webmaster can continue to progress, "doctrine", sometimes also is a shortcut to website optimization.

long tail keywords leveraging stage, good at using a variety of tools. In the era of big data, user access to access footprint, some users is how to use keywords in the search engine, general search engines will feedback through the background data, appear in the following pages for the search engines, but also for the convenience of owners, the number of keyword mining tools, mining, owners can appropriate the use of these tools for mining long tail keywords however, the machine will inevitably be some "stereotype", although you can dig out a large number of keywords, are not worth doing, for the webmaster, to choose a good screen.


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