Shanghai dragon knife novice analysis 22 ideas of competitors

1, domain name registration age;

is 5, the content of the page contains a bold font or color and Italic Fonts;

14, website access speed and stability;

according to the above details under the careful analysis, will find that competitors have deficiencies, where he can we do not do, he do the place we want to do better, so I have no enemy, the enemy I have excellent ", remember to step down, to compare the steady good. As a webmaster should know how to analyze competitor analysis, although not necessarily beyond the opponent, but at least we know our own station where deficiencies can be adjusted, there are a lot of factors that influence the effect of the Shanghai dragon, we can overcome and solve.

11, how much do content;

10, website content, whether the original content;

has static links;

19, each chain number, quality, methods;

15, with the IP site are

as a practitioner in Shanghai Longfeng, optimize a station, competitor analysis site is essential, as the saying goes, Zhiyizhibi, to be victorious, we must understand the various practices of competitors, and collect all kinds of data, and then through the planning to the implementation of the optimization scheme. In the analysis of the competition, we have to analyze the industry’s first station, why others can do the industry first, it must have the truth, here are the 22 points I sorted out the analysis of ideas, hope for the new entry-level webmaster help.

12, the long tail keywords layout;


18, see the other website PR (for GG);

8, the website uses what form of

The frequency of updates 13,

, what is the use of 3 web tags;

2, what keywords optimization;

9, the website page content is rich, is related to the topic;

site title, description is contained in the

The structure of ;The analysis of ; How How the quality of 4,

22, the website chain layout;

21, the website included snapshot, the proportion of

17, the other Links;

How to How much is the

view web content contains pictures, pictures are annotated ALT tags;

16, whether the site has updated drive;

6, check whether 7, whether

20, web page code is used in table or DIV+CSS;


site navigation structure is clear;

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