9 Shanghai enterprises choose outsourcing companies need to pay attention to the Dragon

3, asked about the operation of Shanghai Longfeng means and techniques

Don’t you want to be

5, ranking the target head

generally, almost all of the Shanghai dragon outsourcing companies have their own official website. So now we need to view their own website ranking, if their rankings are not very good, but others want to give Shanghai Longfeng, certainly is not persuasive. It is worth noting that, when ranking in view of their website, should not only pay attention to the rankings, more important is the need to check their website ranking history, is not very stable, or temporary ranking is very good. If it is only a temporary ranking is very good, it is likely that their operation is not normal, Shanghai dragon.

now individual Shanghai Longfeng outsourcing company, they said not to modify the source code of a website, do not publish an article, can put the site keywords ranking do go up. This means is not normal, they must be through the "black hat" (non conventional Shanghai dragon skills, a short period of time to get the rankings, but also the most likely to lose rankings, and it is difficult to restore) to achieve.

generally, because Shanghai Longfeng uncertainty, the other is not able to make the commitment of 100%, once the Shanghai dragon outsourcing company to you make the commitment of 100%, that in fact there are many outsourcing companies are not reliable.

1, ask whether you can cooperate before commitment

in formal cooperation before the view this company provides the case requires at least 5 or more, and the 5 case ranking in nearly half of the year are relatively stable, no obvious change radically phenomenon.

6, sign the contract when selecting the appropriate outsourcing package

Shanghai dragon outsourcing company packages are many, and not the rich content is better, must go to select the appropriate package according to their actual situation. It is not only a waste of money, more important is to finally even you first really want are not ready.

4, ask to see their customers


Shanghai dragon outsourcing company charges are generally not the same, must not believe the high price and low price can do, do it well, this is wrong. We must combine the above 4 detailed screening.


in the "Internet plus" trend, many traditional enterprises are facing restructuring difficult problem, it is because of this, more and more enterprises choose Shanghai dragon outsourcing companies to promote their website management. So enterprises in making a choice, what precautions, camp owners today to introduce enterprises to choose the Shanghai dragon outsourcing companies pay attention to 9 issues.

2, check their website

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