The weight really exist The weight is how to brush out

is love and webmaster tools or some other sites are generally through the statistical evaluation of the website contains keywords, and keyword index in Shanghai and the key words in love, love Shanghai in the search rankings (usually within 50) to determine the expected flow, then according to the prediction of traffic Shanghai love weight division. In fact, this and the site in Shanghai love to search inside actual visits no relationship, and very easy to let the people have an ulterior motive for cheating

love Shanghai weight 9 website: love sea visits more than 1000001 times

Hello, two days ago I published an article in the Admin5 Adsense nets "real hard Links" for this all to expose someone to the Links and weight of high standing and exchange chain yourself first and then go to the website weight high brush exchange chain and how to identify the insider the way. So today we talk about the so-called "weight" is how to brush out the

if you love Shanghai weight as the standard, we can judge the actual search for love Shanghai search engine traffic, simple weight and love sea visits to your reference list.

love Shanghai weight 8 website: love sea visits to 200001-1000000

love Shanghai weight 5 website: love sea visits to 5001-10000

love Shanghai weight 3 website: love sea visits to 501-1000

general method is based on these people cheat love stand. The weight of the webmaster tools inference mechanism, to determine a popular keywords, then open the index of the word love Shanghai in Shanghai love (love Shanghai index index inside a word the opening fee is 50 yuan) and then through some brush flow.

love Shanghai weight 2 website: love sea visits to 101-500

love Shanghai weight 1 website: love sea visits to 1-1000

love Shanghai weight 6 website: love sea visits to 10001-50000


first we need to know a fact that is about the so-called "love Shanghai weight". In fact, long before the official love Shanghai has published the announcement. Tell the webmaster friends love Shanghai and there is no so-called weight". Keywords love Shanghai search engine gives a website ranking is constituted by many kinds of love Shanghai algorithm system strategy, and finally to determine a site weight value given a score. The score is dynamic, in the different needs of different occasions, the scores are different


love Shanghai weight 7 website: love sea visits to 50001-200000


love Shanghai weight 4 website: love sea visits to 1001-50000

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