On the two mainstream website traffic is introduced

website is a website basis for survival, no traffic, the site must live, now the main source of traffic to the site can be divided into two kinds:

more than two mainstream web traffic is introduced, each have advantages. First, flow to the fast, go too fast, not for long. But the effect is considerable. Second, generally the main keywords and long tail words are optimized to the first page, many traffic sources will be relatively stable, but the flow is difficult to break through the bottleneck, this is the only drawback. So, the introduction of web traffic to two kinds of methods are considered together, will play a multiplier effect.


diagram, cast light and floodlights two words that the index is close to 200, but the actual traffic every day is only about 5, visible only by keyword ranking to the introduction of traffic, it is rare, so, we should start from the long term, the million thousand words long tail get good rankings, so the introduction of traffic. For the long tail word choice, you can surround the main keywords to write, think, if you want to search this product, you can choose how to search, so the long tail word will be more accurate, and this method to flow can not be ignored, at present our website, the main flow is the long tail of the word brings. See below.

The first kind of



so, want to make breakthrough website traffic bottlenecks, long tail optimization is essential, not blindly in the main keywords, long tail words have more effort.


second: that we are familiar with, love Shanghai optimization. Through the optimization of keywords, so that our target keywords to love Shanghai home, to get traffic. But an index of key words in the 300 or so, if the love Shanghai home, a day to the actual traffic, no more than 1/10 of the index. See below:

: a variety of soft platform to introduce traffic. These platforms are: love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Post Bar, the blog platform, micro-blog, and other large forum. The introduction of web traffic, if done properly, a day into the tens of thousands of IP is not a problem, the general operation method is to search the most popular movies, TV series or event. For example, recently hit TV series "sword", the daily search volume in the hundreds of thousands (see below), many webmasters will seize this opportunity in this drama before the launch, will do the optimization of the word, in order to grasp the opportunity. When the Xuanyuan sword when finished the first set, you can put the optimization to third sets, because most people will want to see the back of early reading the previous episodes, so now most of the webmaster is to use this method.

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