Shanghai dragon is not suffering but continue to enjoy the process of life

But there is another >

"do nothing except to learn from Shanghai dragon", a friend said in a well-known webmaster forums. Indeed, Shanghai dragon is a long-term project, is really very simple, but is "content, chain, chain, anchor text, statistics (with their competitors)" repeat. But at the same time is boring, need long-term "content, chain, chain, anchor text, statistics (with their competitors)", and unremittingly.

as Corinth in Greek mythology the city-state’s founder and the king. Cici Fuss was even kidnapped to death, there is no death. But also because of this, Cici Fuss has violated the interests of the gods, the gods to punish Cici Fuss, asked him to push a boulder on top, and because the stone is too heavy, every time up the hill when due to gravity naturally rolled down the mountain, come to naught, so Cici Fuss in the course of their lives in always keep repeating pushing the rock up the hill, the stone rolled down the hill, Cici Fuss hill, and then pushing the rock up the hill, so repeatedly, the gods that no more than futile and hopeless labor more severely punished. Cici Fuss’s life in such a futile and hopeless labor which slowly exhausted.

Cici Fuss predicted the fable of human destiny, with the "Old Testament – Ecclesiastes" classic words to summarize, is: "there is nothing new under the sun", "his spirit departs, they return to the ground. What he intended, day out "," living people know, die. The dead, no knowledge. No reward, there is no memory of them. Their love, and their hatred, and their envy, have already perished, the conclusion must be "void void, void void, everything is void". If only this pessimistic attitude, despite the profound profound, but human life is certainly not any significance, only waiting for death fate, let alone what human civilization from generation to generation, life and growth in nature.

Shanghai dragon is a life of suffering? This knowledge made me think of Cici Fuss in ancient Greek mythology.

patience is a virtue, but for the boring work with patience is not equal to the life in dire straits between the suffering, this is two completely different life experience. Any work in the world, has a dull and mechanical labor, but if in which we could not find the joy of work, if only the endless suffering of it, we will never really love this job, and try to overcome all kinds of difficulties in the work process, and boring. The efforts to complete the work, and get great satisfaction, gain confidence to meet. If we will only stay in the "suffering, patience" work attitude, even when the lowest standard one day at a time "is impossible to achieve, let alone make achievements.

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