Talk about the importance of careful optimization of Shanghai dragon from their own experience


spider love Shanghai diligent, but included the content on the website is not much improvement, after careful analysis, but found that the old domain name, has left many path before the path to spider crawling, but it is the residual path, because the path is the old path, spider are familiar with, so the spider site looks very diligent, the main reasons can be included but not ideal! Find the defects, I immediately set robots.txt file, to those who don’t have residual path blocked, then the site collected and ranking situation has been significantly improved

!Although the

here, from the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is successful and there is a long way to go, but through careful observation, let me imperceptibly changed the misunderstanding easily ignored, it gives me more confidence, and then from the A5 to see a Shanghai dragon optimization tool is dead check the website link, I have confidence on their web sites is sufficient, you know my templates are personally prepared, so sure that your site is not dead links, but after the Shanghai dragon optimization tool out, but the accident found two dead links, one is multi label a number, the other is a record number to the website is a dead station, he immediately changed the two defects! But I did not expect this.

then I A5 from the Shanghai dragon column, learning about the Shanghai dragon more knowledge, recognize the importance and content of the chain, so I insist that every update three articles and five articles of the original article, at the same time, an appropriate increase in the web site of the chain, the website content, but also optimize the keywords the density, while optimizing the site within the chain, such as the anchor text, navigation and so on, let the internal links form a versatile network! After a serious website optimization, began to have significant improvement, love Shanghai spiders also to more diligent! It makes me more confident the foot of the


before I did a lot of websites also have many websites, later because of the busy work, gradually lost many sites, even some of the domain name to management, later being registered, but in the last year, I again picked up the website, hope that through the operation of the site, to support a household then, with the collection for many years the old domain, the construction of the fine arts college entrance examination, because their operation is the old name, so the website snapshot update is timely! Let me have a further operation of the

Shanghai dragon gives the first glance is very difficult, but once after the entry, you would have thought that it is very simple, is not out of the chain, plus some original content, pseudo original content? But once deeply, you will find that the original Shanghai the dragon is not very deep, but never simple, more careful is a down-to-earth, the following is to combine their own examples to analyze, careful optimization of the importance of Shanghai dragon


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