Schmidt Google is not involved in the early social media is a mistake

for the current status, development + nobility baby Schmidt said, Google has been well involved in this market. Because Google failed to timely development of social media market, so the company has achieved a leading Facebook. However, now also has a noble baby fully competitive. Schmidt said: "the baby + connected to your noble interaction with friends. In our search ranking, this is an important signal for the future, and Google Internet technology are very important in all".

Google executive chairman Eric · Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said in an interview in India, Google failed to join the earlier social media revolution, is his biggest mistake in office at CEO.

Schmidt said that he is very proud of the achievements of Google in the past 10 years, Schmidt also said, "I’m not fast enough to realize the social media revolution, failed to make the field earlier in Google is my biggest mistake, and I need to be responsible".

Schmidt said this: "for each company, the most critical is the continuous innovation, is to solve the practical problems of the user terminal velocity. In the past, the entire industry is driven by Microsoft leading PC hardware manufacturers this architecture to a great extent, but this model has been completely broken."


Google executive chairman Eric · Schmidt (Photo by techweb

is the Internet, "big four", Google, Facebook, Amazon and apple are facing competition. Apple is currently threatened by Android, Amazon has many competitors in the field of electronic business, Google needs to deal with the challenge of Microsoft, but also need Facebook and nobility baby + competition.

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