The reason analysis of website ranking out of combat overnight

1, the column page keywords into the long tail of Related words, do not conflict with the subject page.


A further analysis of



2, canceled at the bottom of the total density exceed the standard link, keep a point to the home page to


3, appropriate to increase the page keyword density,

is part of the reason is the weight of the home page is the column page split over past, have to do is to return to the home page to the website weight, let the home page in ranking, ranking can be restored.

Specific solution: A

to this website, I simply see the site, and did not see what the problem is, the website is not new, but also included in the site is still increasing, the chain is also increasing, keyword density, Links doesn’t have much of a problem, the website also showed no drop right phenomenon. That in the end what is the reason that the website ranking off

from above, I think we should see ranking changes to this website, web page ranking appears gradually decreased, the product began to appear from the column page ranking, another Google ranking, ranking third in the home sale of trademarks, trademark transaction ranking product column page in Google seventh, trademark transfer ranking in Google home page eleventh, column page product ranked 132, this let me find the website of the real problem is that the search engine ranking to the wrong problem, should mean to the home page ranking to column page, product column and the front page keywords is the cause of conflict, and the site’s news page number the chain is pointing to this column page, keywords and point to the home is not accurate. Cause now you do not judge the search engine keyword is the home page or column page this? For a long time could lead to two page ranking, but the rankings are not very good.

analysis of today we participated in the Shanghai dragon optimization training of a Shanghai Longfeng case, his website is this: before the transfer of trademarks, the site of the trade mark, trade mark and other keywords are on the home page top. During the site and did not make any changes, but later 2011.11.30, web site keywords ranking love Shanghai night out, 2011.12.1 2011.12.2 has ranked ranked recovery, no recovery.


we come again.

4, the chain.


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