The popular keywords in the end Bishijiuxu industry


what does that mean these popular keywords can not do so, only to give up

the answer is no, "a brave man" ah, if blindly back, then this world.

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have friends ask questions in Shanghai know how to love, Shanghai dragon methods "students", "immigrants", "MBA" the website keywords do up, is the best love Shanghai keywords list.

and, for such keywords, simple "regional limit + keyword keyword selection method in" students "," immigrants "the top ranks of popular keywords optimization is not suitable, do not underestimate the bidding enterprise IQ, they can not really" silly money "foolish". Australian immigration "," Australia "such" regional limit + keywords "love Shanghai ranking competition than even the" students "," immigrants "such keywords to ifheavier, fell in love with the sea promotion website each had 8 home! And don’t mention the" long tail keywords + geographical restrictions keywords ", the" regional limit + keywords "long tail keywords whether bidding website or website optimization, has been basically achieved perfection, Almost no escape.

don’t know, the website keywords listed this friend is now very popular industry top keywords. But when it was shocked! These words of love Shanghai keyword search ranking promotion at least have 3, up to as many as 6. If you don’t love Shanghai auction, to be honest, wants to the website keywords by Shanghai dragon, do love Shanghai search keywords ranked, and the ranking is stable, almost prohibitively difficult, is almost an impossible task.


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