What is the electronic commerce of Shanghai dragon

summary: what is the electronic commerce of Shanghai dragon? It is actually very simple, is the electronic commerce network.


b) Shanghai dragon compared to SEM promotion cost lower.

as Taobao and Tmall these business platform using shielding some of the mainstream search engine robots.txt, so Taobao and Tmall these shops do Shanghai dragon also have no meaning. Jingdong and Dangdang although there is no shielding search engine, but after all, not their own independent website can be optimized for the smaller room. Therefore, suggestions on Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng significant independent B2C site.

C) Shanghai dragon compared to SEM is stable and long.


e-commerce is simply using the Internet the electronic platform engaged in various business activities to meet consumer demand is the final.

for the first time with the Shanghai Phoenix know when I was a newcomer, silly little crab, it is difficult to imagine the clerical duties is to do Shanghai dragon promotion of Shanghai dragon is what, why do Shanghai dragon is completely ignore. I only know that every leader arrangement down is the hair of the chain, the registered forum / blog, the chain of hair more bonus is higher, a long time will find themselves exactly like a machine every day to repeat the same thing, numb has become lazy thinking; however, once accidentally let I have a new understanding of the Shanghai dragon, according to the personal experience is what everyone is talking about e-commerce in Shanghai dragon

a) users trust hang natural search rankings, Shanghai dragon is the natural search engine rankings. SEM will display the text of

(Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon Chinese means both search engine optimization, search engine rankings by law, to optimize the rationality of the website, improve your site in the search engine ranking, so as to improve site traffic, enhance website sales and publicity, let search engine to bring more customers to you.

, a cognitive electronic commerce and Shanghai Dragon

search engine optimization Shanghai dragon network promotion can be understood as a branch of e-commerce promotion, Shanghai dragon has certain promoting effect on electronic commerce; electronic commerce is to rely on the network transactions, while the Shanghai dragon is through the search engine optimization and promotion, improve search engine rankings, e-commerce can help get better sales ability, find more customers, to achieve the purpose of consumer products.

two, the electronic commerce and the Shanghai DragonShanghai dragon

d) Shanghai dragon is more suitable for the long tail keywords, this is because Shanghai Longfeng low cost compared to SEM

four, Shanghai dragon relative SEM what are the advantages of


three, what type of business for Shanghai dragon

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