Luna chubby medical website optimization editor vulnerable

Many novice

wants more webmaster, editors can attach importance to this work, adjust the focus of the work, because we need a visitor’s approval, only that web site will go farther and farther, farther and better, www.pb39贵族宝贝 original, reproduced must be marked "/p> copyright, thank you!

third: website editor should be gradual.

, website editing work, update the content is simple, it is not, because many websites, especially the transformation of medical websites need more content rate, because the patient needs through this article to understand the hospital, understand their disease, more important can end through your hospital therapy to solve their problems, so the website editors should need to know about the patient needs, this is the key to website content update.


for the optimization of medical website, website content is very important, or that sentence "content is king", then, for more hospitals optimization webmaster, how to do better, keep patients, is the key, and today from here to share some experience her chubby, hoping his 2 April will do the second skin experience to share with everyone.

, for example, 2 of their website has a lot of mesh editing, every article has strict regulations system, so many girls by love, there is no doubt that this is the power of the web editor.

many network editor think optimization is the simple content editing, and send the chain can, in fact wrong, and not so simple, the network is the editor of website promotion is an important part of high quality content to attract the customers, but also greatly enhance the conversion rate of PV and website, and even be able to role for hospital website brand.

maybe many editors will say, we write the contents are relevant to the patient and then OK, the content is reproduced by the browsing probability is high? Of high probability, to bring you the high rate of conversion, with reference to these three questions, you can compare your nature. The article is not close to the patient, such as diabetes, many patients need to understand diabetes care and diet usually through the network, and these contents with the seasons, such as solar term is different, and this is a kind of thinking, so as to let the patients retain, of course, will your article, or even help you use to QQ space or in other places, it is less effective, the article was reprinted in stationmaster net, also cannot do without this point.

website editor is not updated.

The first point:

second: the content of the website need more close to the patient.

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