Do the data analysis to improve website weight

, a weight from

search engine through the overall performance of the web to raise or drop a website. The overall performance including: the content of the website, the chain structure of the site, the site of the vote, the audience, the website of timeliness, site of scarce resources and so on these comprehensive factors. The station outside the station and two factors, the search engine weights through the comprehensive score of these factors to judge a site.


2. pageviews (PV

) through data analysis ?The weight of the

in front of us understand the real website weight, also know how to judge the website weight, then the data analysis we need to do the following analysis can help us to improve the weight.

real weight sum up is a comprehensive score, it is the inheritance of every page on our website in, and he is not specific to a certain point or one of the elements of our weight is the higher the keywords ranking, but the website weight does not directly determine the ranking.

said the weight of a lot of people will say it’s very simple we love Shanghai webmaster tools check weight can, in fact, the webmaster tools of love Shanghai weight is not really love Shanghai weight, only as a reference value, true love is the core element of Shanghai weight search engine, is unlikely to be open.

1. included rate

three, how to improve the weight of

many of our webmaster or site when doing the Shanghai dragon to bring up is not to control or update every day through the optimization, think the ranking do go up over, in fact, Shanghai dragon is more important to go up in the data analysis, the initial ranking is based in later through data analysis, stable ranking is what we should do. The change in our analysis we can better grasp the needs of users on the website of good data, reduce the rate of jump out to enhance the page residence time, so we will find our website search engine is more valuable for the user, the weight level our website will be the last step, we discuss today is to share the website data analysis of how to do.

two, the website weight how to judge


site only included will get the weight, so the citation rate is a basic data not included the weight is out of the question. Included rate mainly refers to the collection we see our website each column below "is how, whether our important pages are included, such as product information, price information and so on, because these pages are really important in ranking, the general collection rate of more than fifty percent that can. If the index rate below twenty percent, that we need to pay attention to, if the collection rate of less than ten percent, it is not normal.

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