Discussion on enterprise competitive keywords Shanghai Dragon

enterprise competitive keywords now become many companies competing to compete in bidding competition, for our Shanghai dragon these words will appear a lot we can not imagine the situation, according to the experience of the last 3 months to operating industry keywords, and in the optimization of the Related words three months in Shanghai love home. In fact, we believe in is not so difficult, here I will take some practice to detail my


said that, in fact, a small industry key is not so difficult, just to test our patience and perseverance, the foundation well, love Shanghai will give you a good ranking. My writing is not good please include a lot of

fourth: Web site keywords rose, of course, certainly to keywords stability maintenance, love Shanghai whether it is updated every Monday, or monthly update, as long as we persist in their work, whether it is content in that period, the chain in every day, friends of the chain in the United States every day, whether in the maintenance of our website the weight and ranking will play a very good effect of

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second: this step we of course above has been on to optimize the preparation of words, foreshadowing, this step must be added to the first batch of initial content for the website, adding initial content to our first is to make the website looks normal, website with content readability! The word I added almost all the content and related to the industry. Don’t try to copy it on other websites, we must modify some key parts, Shanghai is most interested in love is a fresh thing, with its own characteristics of the content. We must remember that.


: first to optimize the words we conduct a detailed analysis of the election race. And determine the different schemes according to the words for the word because of the heat, Chongqing moving company, the auction is very much, I use the method of the site title, description, keywords, focus. And ensure the harmonious chain on the site, I do a site map this, and the robots.txt is written, which is more conducive to the work of the late

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(ranking figure for this operation words)

third: after the completion of the construction, we must submit to a web site included, which makes Shanghai included our love. Then I will update every night 2 articles, 5 chain every afternoon, do a Links every day. Of course, the chain and chain technique, especially outside the chain, 10 chain a chain equivalent to the garbage station, this I know! For these basic work, we need the daily management of the site and do not work every day! Keywords a month you will rise to the first page.

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